8 ‘Most American’ Trucks for 2014

American Flag

Nothing says “America” quite like a pickup truck. American vehicle manufacturers have etched out their names in automotive history by producing powerful, long-lasting trucks for generations. Companies like Chevrolet (NYSE:GM) and Ford (NYSE:F) are longtime stalwarts of pickup production in the United States, and to this day build best selling pickups at a rapid pace. However, over the past couple of decades, foreign automakers have started to gain ground, many moving manufacturing of their pickup lines to North America to better compete with indigenous companies.

Over at Edmunds, they have compiled a list of the “most American” pickup trucks available for the 2014 model year. To accurately populate the list, the folks at Edmunds used a series of calculations to come up with an algorithm that determines the “American” composition of each truck. Based on figures that were reported by automakers to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under the American Automobile Labeling act, these models take into account the percentage of components produced domestically, the source of the engine and transmission, in addition to the country in which the model was actually assembled. The final component is the Kogod Made in America Auto Index, that takes into account things like research, development, and where profits from the vehicle ultimately end up.

Using all these factors as a framework, here are the top eight most “American” pickup trucks available for 2014, as compiled by Edmunds.