The 8 Most Environmentally Friendly Car Companies


Environmental performance has become a top priority for most automakers, as the general public and consumers become more concerned with greenhouse gas emissions and looming global climate change. As vehicle manufacturers have shifted their priorities, emissions scores and fuel efficiency have improved drastically to keep in line with strict government standards, credited with being the catalyst behind the car company’s new policies. The advent of electric cars into the market has also helped with the shift, but there are still some companies lagging behind.

The Union Of Concerned Scientists has released a report of the top environmentally friendly car companies for 2014, and the findings contain few surprises. Composed of eight of the world’s top-selling automakers, the report reveals that there has been improvement across the board in efficiency and emissions standards. The rankings themselves measure the emission of pollution by each company’s fleet, and one big takeaway is that since 1998, the average new car has become 43 percent more clean.

As the rankings reveal, the big three American companies have some catching up to do to the rest of the pack, as they lag behind in adopting cleaner technologies or creating their own. The top companies should come as no surprise to car enthusiasts, however. The report scores each automaker with a numerical score, with the average landing at 100. The lower the score, the lower the pollution, and the lower the pollution, the better. In brief, the lower the numerical score, the higher the company ranked.

Read on the see the top eight ‘greenest’ vehicle manufacturers, as compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists.