Mercedes-Benz’s 18 Fastest Cars


Daimler (DDAIF.PK) has been around pretty much since as long as cars — and motorized coaches, even — have been. While Henry Ford and his Model T brought the automobile to a much greater audience, Daimler Benz was one of the original manufacturers of the automobile, and one of the great innovators as a result.

That haven’t exactly been idling since then. Mercedes has long enjoyed a lucrative and productive racing career over the years, and today, its cars are some of the most technologically advanced on the market. Its Formula 1 team is also doing exceptionally well this year, winning every race so far but one (the Canadian Grand Prix) — that’s eight out of nine races, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Racing aside, Mercedes’s vehicles are arguable the finest, fastest, and most opulent they’ve ever been. Together with its performance partner AMG, Mercedes has been doing its part to ensure that the industry stays on its toes as far as craftsmanship, speed, performance, and luxury are concerned.

Here, we’ve listed out some of the fastest Mercedes vehicles to have existed. We’ve left out concept cars, one-offs, third-party modified vehicles (things like Brabus or Mansory), and SUVs (keep it cars only, since the SUVs — though fast — don’t really compete on the same level). As a side note, we took into account top speeds, acceleration (0-60), and horsepower to rank the following models; therefore, higher horsepower may not imply a faster car. Check out what we found after the jump.