The 10 Electric Vehicles With the Longest Driving Range

Tesla Model S, photographed in Switzerland by James Lipman //

Source: Tesla

What good is an electric vehicle if you need to plug it in every time you need to go the grocery store? It wasn’t long ago that people actually had these concerns about battery-powered cars. These days, you won’t have a problem making it to the store and back even if you live 50 miles away from the nearest grocer. (But if that’s the case, you have bigger problems than which car to buy.)

In all seriousness, electric vehicles are adding range, beauty, and performance to their resumes on an annual basis. A certain automaker by the name of Mercedes Benz even deigned to enter the fray in 2014 with an EV it somehow slotted below its C and CLA classes, alphabetically speaking. Meanwhile, the Tesla madness continues while BMW and Toyota have shown their stripes in all-electric automobiles.

They may seem pricey, but you save plenty in fuel costs and have access to federal tax credits up to $7,500. Considering they use energy from power plants to charge their batteries, they’re not “zero emissions” entirely, but they’re far better than gas-powered cars. They can’t go 500 miles (who drives that far on a regular basis?), but they can make it halfway in case you want to stop your marathon cross-country race for lunch. Here are the top ten electric vehicles in total driving range without gasoline. Following the range is the price before federal or local tax rebates.