15 Fastest New Cars Under $50,000

If you check our list of fastest cars ever made, you’ll see the buy-in starts in the low six figures and rises to millions of dollars. Those cars are ridiculously entertaining and gorgeous to behold, but they are not in the budget of the average person. Nonetheless, the list of affordable sports cars gets more impressive every year, and 2017 is another great one for enthusiasts.

To make the point, we rounded up cars with the quickest times to 60 miles per hour and the fastest quarter-mile runs with a base price below $50,000. Though they qualified in price, we did not include Nissan 370Z Nismo or the Cadillac ATS V6 because of their comparatively sluggish quarter miles. Likewise, Honda Civic Type R does not appear because pricing remained a mystery as of late spring.

Tests by Motor Trend and Car and Driver served as our speed standard. Since they all had zero-to-60 times around 5.0 seconds or below and quarter-mile times around 13.0 seconds, we ranked them from most expensive to least expensive. These are the 12 fastest new cars under $50,000 in 2017.

15. Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400

Profile of blue Infiniti Q50 Red Sport sedan in blue

Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 | Infiniti

Base price: $48,700

Horsepower fiends don’t have to turn to Detroit muscle cars for eye-popping numbers. In the cool, collected Infiniti Q50 Red Sport sedan, drivers have access to a whopping 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Getting to 60 miles per hour from a stop takes only 4.5 seconds with this Q50, while reaching a quarter mile requires 13.0 seconds of your time. When you complete the sprint, your speedometer will show 109 miles per hour.

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