20 Used Cars Consumer Reports Gave the ‘Never Buy’ Label

2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The worst used cars to buy come in all shapes and sizes | Jeep

If you plan to live with a car for a long time, reliability means everything when you shop on the used market. Look for the vehicles people rate high in initial quality and later report as dependable once they have a few years and at least 20,000 miles on them. By then, you start to see whether an auto investment will pay off or whether you bought a lemon.

Another approach is seeing which cars rate the worst. There are some variables — including how you drive or how often you drive — that could lead to a well-built vehicle wearing down before its time. However, when a wide range of consumers give a car poor marks on reliability, you’re better off steering clear of them when buying used.

Consumer Reports did the auto shopper a big favor when it rounded up the poorest models of the past decade to be found on the secondhand market. Here are 20 of the worst used cars you will come across, listed by specific model year. They should be avoided at all costs.