To Protect and Swerve: the World’s 10 Fastest Police Cars

10 of the Fastest Police Cars

Source: Flickr – Createordie

Here in America, we’re all well-aware that police departments are constantly upgrading their hardware, getting the newest, biggest and baddest technology available. It’s not terribly uncommon to see local and state authorities putting powerful muscle cars to use patrolling the highways, like Dodge Chargers, Ford Mustangs or even the occasional Chevy Corvette.

While most police cruisers stick to classic models like the Crown Victoria or Ford Taurus, some departments around the world look to be gearing up for a street race rather than fighting crime. In certain places around the world, like in Dubai for example, money has completely changed the cultural landscape. Supercars are fixtures on every street, and residents feel perfectly okay with hitting insane speeds. You might remember a recent episode in which Justin Bieber was speeding and driving recklessly through the city. Well, that behavior is all too common in cities like Dubai, and as a result, police departments have stacked their arsenal to combat it.

Here are the ten fastest police cars in the world, specially-created to serve the needs of the boys in blue in specific areas all over the world. Some are used as actual patrol vehicles, others merely for show. One thing is for sure: the police aren’t cutting any corners in their battle to keep dangerous driving at bay. Read on to see the world’s ten fastest police cars.