10 Most Power Hungry States in America

NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

Earlier last month we profiled the ten most energy efficient states in the U.S. Well, these next ten states represent an altogether different group. These are the ten states that consume the most energy per capita, according to data and reports from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Surprisingly, many of the states on our list are rural, several boasting less than ten people per square mile according to Census Bureau data, making them among the smallest states in the nation per capita.

These rural states are often also big energy producers, as is the case with states like Texas, Alaska, and Wyoming, all of which appear on our list, and all which actually produce more energy than they consume, though they remain some of the biggest energy consumers in the nation, largely thanks to their highly energy-intensive industries.

These ten states are power hungry primarily because they boast strong manufacturing and industrial sectors which eat up energy, such as a metal manufacturing, oil refining, or food processing. Still others boast strong agricultural economies, another sector which demands a large amount of energy.

Other states made it into the top ten due to their climate and geography. Many of the states on our list, for example, exist in exceptionally cold climates, while others endure both frigid winters and oppressively hot and humid summers, and therefore have residential energy demands far beyond the national median.

The states are ranked in reverse order and do not take into account the amount of energy each state produces.