Starbucks Faces Pressure to Only Serve Up Organic, GMO-Free Dairy


A consumer group is urging the world’s largest coffee chain to serve only organic milk sourced from cows not fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Now that many large companies, including Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) and General Mills (NYSE:GIS), have taken up the responsibility of removing GMOs from many of their food products, Green America’s GMO Inside is calling on Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) to enter the fight against GMOs.

The consumer activist group launched its latest Starbucks push after it enjoyed a significant victory on the General Mills front, and now the group’s members are calling on Starbucks loyalists to pressure their chain to only offer GMO-free milk.

According to, the group wants Starbucks to stop sourcing milk from cows fed genetically modified organisms in feed — including corn, soy, alfalfa, and cottonseed — and to use a third-party verifier to ensure that the milk used at Starbucks stores is definitely sourced from cows eating non-GMO feed. In 2008, the Seattle-based company committed to only sourcing milk that is is rBGH-free, or milk free of a growth hormone injection in cows.

GMO Inside wants the chain to take it one step further and offer its customer only GMO-free organic milk. According to GMO Inside, in the current industrial animal agriculture system, most cows providing non-organic milk are fed corn and soy, which are dominated by GMOs. It wants Starbucks to stop supporting those products.