9 German Super-Sedans to Spice Up Your Daily Commute

Automakers around the world seem to do one particular thing exceptionally well — interestingly, more so than automakers from another region. Japan, for example, has the hybrid market on lock-down; American trucks are the dominant players in their segment, and so on. In Germany, automakers seem to have a particular knack for making mind-numbingly good sedans and sport coupes.

Since the 1980s, German sedans have made a strong impression on American consumers, and that trend continues today. The three major luxury automakers from the country — BMW AG, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi — are constantly racing to out-do one another in a competitive relationship that has proven to be most beneficial to the consumers who can reap the fruits of their labor.

It certainly isn’t cheap, probably not terribly fuel-efficient, and likely won’t be too cheap to maintain either, but when it comes to the perfect balance of handling, raw power, and speed, few can do it better than the Germans. Here are nine examples to help drive that point home — we opted to include members of the “sedan-coupe” family, like the RS 7 and CLS63 AMG, since they walk a fine line between hatchback, sedan, and coupe; but they do have four-doors and a similar layout, so we through them in.