7 Items That Will Help You Cook Great Meals Outdoors

grilling food

A grill | Source: iStock

Cooking outdoors is a time-honored tradition that many people look forward to year after year. Just as the days get longer and the temperatures start to rise, quasi-chefs and expert campers begin to take inventory of their stock of must-have essentials for cooking away from their abode. So, when it’s time to stock up on everything but the kitchen sink, here are 7 items you need for cooking the best meals outdoors.

1. Onja 2 Burner Stove by Primus

As Primus’s most compact two-burner stove yet, the new Onja Stove lets you take a powerful camp stove almost anywhere you’d want to go. Super portable thanks to its carry strap, the Onja assembles and packs up with ease, making it your new favorite traveling companion. Its thoughtful design includes protection from the wind, an oak lid that doubles as a cutting board or serving platter, and raw materials that, at the end of the product’s lifecycle, can be separated and recycled.

2. Cast Iron Grilled Fajita Set by Cuisinart

Not exactly your ‘roughing it’ essential, Cuisinart’s Cast Iron Fajita Set is just what you need to feed the whole family. Putting your best sizzling fajita making skills to the test, this cast iron skillet comes pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to go whenever you are. With flavor slots that help remove excess grease, toss your favorite meats and veggies onto this powerful cast iron fajita-making machine for an outdoor meal that’s anything but basic.

3. FireBowl XL by UNCO

The collapsible FireBowl XL is the answer to your camping prayers when you don’t want to lug around an entire grill or stove. Made of lightweight stainless steel construction, this compact fire pit allows you to easily carry your new favorite method of cooking in the outdoors  because who doesn’t love a good BBQ while soaking up a bit of Mother Nature? With the ability to build and contain a fire, the FireBowl XL stands off the ground, and even allows you to carry extra wood or charcoal in its collapsed state.

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