Beer and Wine Accessory Reviews: Should You Buy These 7 Gadgets?

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Wine bottles on a rack | Source: iStock

You could fill warehouses with the number of wine and beer accessories on the market today. The industry is so large that you might not know which products will actually enhance your beverages, and which ones don’t add much to the experience. Just as with the bottles of wine and beer themselves, accessories have quite the range in price. So what’s worth buying, and what isn’t?

Part of the reason you now have so many accessory options is because the markets for both wine and beer have expanded in recent years. Craft beer has moved out of its nascent stages to claim a growing share of the beer market in the United States, and Americans are drinking more wine than ever. According to the Wine Institute, Americans drank a whopping 913 gallons of vino in 2015.

In light of this, it’s little wonder why you also have a burgeoning accessory market, and why there are now entire Pinterest pages devoted to DIY crafts with wine and beer remnants. The Cheat Sheet took a look at some of the accessories on the market today to see what’s worth buying, and what you can continue living without. Can you still get by with a simple corkscrew, glass, and a bottle of your choice? We’re here to find out.