Best Pizza Ever: The Only Pizza Recipe You’ll Ever Need

girl eating pizza

Girl eating pizza | Debbi Morello/Getty Images

You don’t have to settle for delivery next time you’re craving pizza. Great pizza can come from your home oven, provided you start with the right building blocks. That means perfectly crisp crust, delicious sauce, and just the right mix of toppings.

Although there are a plenty of shortcuts you can use to get piping-hot pizza to the table fast, we’re not going to talk about those here. Take-and-bake pies, store-bought dough, and jarred sauce might have their place on busy weeknights. But they’re not going to produce a superior pie. To create a truly out-of-this-world pizza, you’re going to need to put in a little effort. That means using a dough recipe that requires at least a day to rise, preparing your own sauce, taking the time to grate your cheese by hand, and avoiding the temptation to go crazy with the toppings.

It also means choosing the right sides for your perfect pizza meal. While some people might be happy to nosh on just pizza, we think it’s good to serve it up with some sides. So in addition to instructions for making your own sauce and crust, plus suggestions for toppings, we’ve also included recipes for a salad, garlic knots, and dessert.

We’ll start off with instructions for making a perfect pizza crust.

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