Retirement Just a Pipe Dream? 10 Best Cities in America for Working Retirees

old person with a plan to never retire

Many people plan to never retire | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A retirement filled with only fun and leisure is a nice thought, but it’s a flawed concept for many Americans. Gone are the days when a worker would sail off into the sunset with a gold watch and a comfy pension. Today, workers across the nation are more responsible than ever for their retirements as pensions and financial security become more elusive. Unfortunately, that can mean working longer or never retiring.

Some people plan to delay retirement or never retire to compensate for a lack of savings, while others simply enjoy their work too much to completely walk away at a set age. Either way, certain cities are more attractive to working seniors than others. In order to find the best retirement cities for people never planning to fully retire, SmartAsset recently analyzed data for 404 cities in America and ranked them based on 10 factors, including average effective tax rates, number of retirement communities, housing costs, senior unemployment rates, and senior populations.

Florida is the most popular state for the best ranking cities, but there are a few surprises on the list. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 best retirement cities if you plan to never retire, or at least plan to work well into your golden years, according to SmartAsset.

10. Santa Monica, California

Work Retirement index: 83.22

Santa Monica ranks as the No. 10 best retirement city if you never plan to retire, and is the only California city to make the list. It ranks poorly for housing costs and has a higher effective tax rate than every other city on the list, but other advantages help balance out those costs. Santa Monica ranks No. 5 for the number of doctors’ offices per thousand residents, and No. 1 for the number of recreational facilities per thousand. Seniors also make up more than 15% of the city’s population.

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