Business Travelers: 6 Features Your Hotel Should Have

It’s not just about getting the fastest Wi-Fi and knowing the best location when booking a hotel. Most seasoned business travelers know it’s about so much more. But what exactly should you take into consideration when choosing the perfect hotel for your next business trip? Sifting through the options can be tiresome, and it’s likely things that seem small at the time of booking will turn out to be huge inconveniences when you actually arrive.

We’re all familiar with customer loyalty and rewards programs, but were curious to hear what else might fall by the wayside, so we sought out some expert insight from someone who knows this topic best — Andy Abramson, CEO of Comunicano, Inc. Named Business Traveler of the Year for 2014 by Business Traveler Magazine, Abramson suggests taking these six things into consideration when booking hotels for business travel.

1. Round-the-clock food

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You need more than just lackluster room service |

It’s important to make sure your hotel of choice has 24 hour, reliable, freshly cooked and prepared food, whether it’s at a restaurant, VIP lounge, or room service. Or, a policy that appreciates in-room meal delivery service, such as allowing delivery persons to be escorted to guest rooms so that you don’t have to go down to the lobby during off hours. Although you may assume this would be the norm at any hotel, that’s not always the case, and as a global traveler, your body isn’t on the local time clock.

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