Foods Melania Trump Might Have Eaten While Growing Up

Compared to her talkative husband, first lady Melania Trump is a bit of a mystery. Most people know she’s President Donald Trump’s wife. And you’ve likely gathered she wasn’t born in the United States. We’ve unearthed many interesting things you probably didn’t know about Melania Trump. But plenty of aspects of her daily life — such as what she likes to eat and whether she likes to cook — remain in the dark.

In fact, NPR reports that though first ladies usually set the culinary tone of the White House and start food trends that sweep the nation, “Melania’s menu is a mystery.” We’re not sure whether she spends any time in the kitchen. And we don’t know what she likes to feed her family. But we do know she grew up in Slovenia. So though we can’t say what the first lady eats now, we can guess at the traditional Slovenian dishes she ate as a young girl. Curious about how Melania Trump’s childhood diet might compare to yours? Read on to get the details.

1. Pršut


Slovenians make pršut, a dried pork ham, in a process that takes 9 to 15 months. |

A Saveur writer visiting Slovenia started his journey with pršut, which he describes as “Slovenia’s excellent air-dried ham.” explains pršut is typically a dried pork ham. A fresh ham is cleaned and salted, and then it’s left to dry. Some producers salt the meat in specially made tubs, while others dry salt it. The salt is then washed off, and the ham is pressed into its characteristic flattened shape to remove moisture. It can take between 9 and 15 months for the ham to dry and cure.

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