23 Foods (Other Than Eggo Waffles) Featured on ‘Stranger Things’

Ask your friends about their favorite TV shows and Netflix’s Stranger Things is bound to come up. The show follows a group of boys investigating their friend’s disappearance (with the help of a mysterious telekinetic girl who escaped from a mysterious government agency.) Stranger Things won over Netflix fans with its charming protagonists and delightful ’80s references. The most famous of those references? Eleven’s strange love for Eggo waffles.

Want to know what else Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas ate on Stranger Things? Read on to check out all the foods featured on the Netflix show — and to judge how well those food choices represent the cuisine of the 1980s.

1. Coca-Cola

Cans of Coca-Cola make several prominent appearances in the first season of 'Stranger Things'

Cans of Coca-Cola make numerous appearances on the first season of Stranger Things. | Netflix

It’s not technically a food. But the first consumable to appear on Stranger Things is a can of Coca-Cola, just two and a half minutes in to the first episode of the first season. The cans feature the design the company debuted in the 1970s. Coke also appears elsewhere in the first season. In the third episode, we see Eleven watching a Coca-Cola commercial (that aired in 1983). Then, she has a flashback to telekinetically crushing a Coca-Cola can. And in the seventh episode, Tommy gets Steve a can of Coca-Cola to wash down some aspirin after a fistfight with Jonathan.

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