7 Ingredients You Never Thought to Put in an Omelet

omelet breakfast

Omelet breakfast | iStock.com

When it comes to classic breakfast foods, nothing remains center-stage quite like a hearty, filling omelet. They’re easy to whip up, relatively inexpensive, and contain nutrients your body needs. In addition, they’re the perfect base for adding in any ingredient from your pantry. Toss in leftover peppers and tomatoes from your salad the night before, sprinkle in whatever kind of cheese you have, and add some ham or bacon for extra savory flavor.

Eggs are a great way to get many of the nutrients and fatty acids you need, along with a healthy dose of protein right away in the morning, nutritionist Jo Lewin shared with the BBC. They can promote heart health, contain vitamin D, and also have minerals such as zinc and iron, Lewin adds. You can boost the egg’s intrinsic nutritional value even more by adding other healthy ingredients, like greens or other proteins all rolled up in a fluffy omelet.

With the versatility omelets can have, you never need to make them the same way if you don’t want to. Classic ingredients are delicious, and simple cheese omelets are perfect when you need a quick meal with little preparation. However, eggs can also serve as a blank canvas for any number of tastes and preferences. Everyday Health offers a list of numerous add-ins to your omelets, providing you with potential combinations for using olives, sweet corn, taco meat, and even mashed potatoes. Still, it gets even more creative than that. Want to truly go out on a limb with your eggs? Try these omelet additions.

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