29 Brutal Things Gordon Ramsay Says About Your Cooking

Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh critiques of chefs’ cooking on shows, such as Hell’s KitchenMaster Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares. But you don’t have participate in a competition or work on a cooking show to subject your cooking to Ramsay’s brutal criticism. All you have to do is tweet at him.

Ramsay told PopSugar he started dishing out the criticism because so many people were tagging him in photos of their food. “Honestly, I had enough of people tagging me in shots of their food picture they thought were amazing, when they were terrible,” he explained. “I’ve always given out a lot of tough love on TV, so I figured the Twitterverse was prepared for it. Now, if everyone could just cook properly I wouldn’t have a problem.”

Check out some of the brutal things Ramsay has said to Twitter users who’ve made the mistake of asking for his opinion on their cooking.

1. Your sub looks sub-standard

Like any prolific Twitter user, Ramsay occasionally resorts to puns. Fortunately, they’re usually pretty entertaining — especially when he’s criticizing somebody’s cooking.

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