15 of the Most Outrageously Expensive Desserts Restaurants Serve

Everybody knows eating at a restaurant doesn’t help you save money. But we all indulge occasionally — especially if you want to get out of the house or celebrate something special. However, some restaurants offer menus — or specific menu items — that are less of a splurge and more of an extravagance.

Nothing makes that more obvious than the most expensive desserts restaurants serve. We don’t mean that overpriced slice of pie or a fancy cheesecake. We’re talking about desserts you’d have to be a millionaire to even think about purchasing.

Read on to check out some of the most expensive desserts on the menu — and the restaurants that think somebody will really buy them.

15. Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle: $250

Sweet chocolate truffles different colors

The most expensive chocolate truffle comes rolled in cocoa powder. | iStock.com/FTiare 

The perfect place to start your tour of the world’s most expensive desserts? Norwalk, Connecticut, where you can try a $250 chocolate truffle at a shop called Chocopologie. The truffle features dark chocolate, classic ganache, and a French Perigord truffle. The ganache is made with Ecuadorian dark chocolate mixed with fresh cream, infused with vanilla pods and truffle oil. The ganache then gets shaped around the truffle, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in cocoa powder.

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