Restaurant Secrets: Top Spots Celebrity Chefs Visit in New York

chef stirring pot on stove

Want the inside scoop on which of New York’s restaurants are worth a visit? Take some advice from celebrity chefs |

For foodies, a chance to visit a city like New York is both a blessing and a curse. Suddenly, you have all of the city’s top restaurants just a walk, train, or ferry ride away. And you could stay in the city for years without ever running out of new restaurants to try (or even having to eat at the same place twice). That variety sounds incredible.

But then, you run into the problem. How do you choose where to eat when you have so many great options around every corner? And how do you choose which meals are worth the splurge? (There are plenty of things you can do in New York for under $50. But we’d venture to guess eating at most of the city’s top restaurants isn’t one of them.)

The way you figure out where to eat has as much to do with your tastes — and your budget — as where you turn for restaurant recommendations. Food magazines, blogs, local friends, and insider tips are all fair game. But what’s the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff and only sample from the crème de la crème when you’re in New York? Find out where celebrity chefs are eating when they’re in town. Celebrity chefs are constantly sampling great food. They probably aren’t starstruck by the other celebs in the dining room. Most aren’t blinded by hype. And their opinions aren’t swayed by the swanky decor or the eyebrow-raising prices on the menu.

You might think celebrity chefs would be pretty tight-lipped about which restaurants they frequent when they’re not in the kitchen. After all, they typically have their own restaurants to promote. But many are willing to share their favorite spots. (Just as long as you help to keep them secret.) Read on to check out some of the top restaurants celebrity chefs visit when they’re in New York. You’ll be perfectly prepared to eat nothing but the best the next time you’re in the city — so long as your bank account cooperates.

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