7 Salt Substitutes That Deliver Delicious Low-Sodium Meals

When it comes to flavoring your meals, you most likely add a crack of pepper and a sprinkling of salt to your dishes for added flavor. While salt is an important mineral that helps keep your body properly functioning, it’s also lurking in just about everything from your cereal to your sports drinks to your desserts. Chances are that your salt intake really adds up in a day, and you may not even know it, so adding that dash of salt to your dish isn’t always the best choice. That doesn’t mean your foods has to be bland, though. Here are seven substitutes you can use instead of salt to have amazing, flavorful meals every time.

1. Cardamom

Mixed spices

Mixed spices | iStock.com

This spice boasts a unique, fragrant flavor. When used in sweet or savory foods, it adds kick of something unexpected. This spice is widely used in Indian and Asian cooking because of its big, bold flavors, explains The Huffington Post. Cardamom’s uniquely warm and spicy flavor can add some flare to your dishes in ways that ordinary table salt just can’t. Its also excellent in pastries — instead of adding that pinch of salt to your favorite desserts, add a bit of cardamom instead.

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