Secret Menu Items You Should Order at 12 Fast Food Restaurants

Teenage worker in a fast food restaurant that has a secret menu

Bored with the standard menu? Try ordering off the secret menu instead. |

Have you ever wondered whether the “secret menu” at your favorite fast food place is a real thing? We assure you it is — perhaps because Reddit threads and websites promising to help you #hackthemenu willed it into existence. Most secret menu items don’t pretend to be the healthiest options at fast food restaurants. But the fun of a secret menu is it’s only available to those in the know.

Many fast food establishments don’t actually invent some of their secret menu items. Instead, they result from unusual combinations a bored (or stoned) customer requested and then wrote about on the internet. Plus, any order that’s too far from what’s normally on the menu is one you’ll probably need to assemble yourself. With those caveats out of the way, read on to check out the secret menu items you’ve been missing at all of your favorite fast food restaurants.

1. McDonald’s

McDonald's employee

The McDonald’s secret menu includes numerous burgers and chicken sandwiches. | Christopher Jue/Getty Images

When fast food chains deny the existence of a secret menu, the off-menu options just attract more attention. Need an easy example? McDonald’s maintains it doesn’t have a secret menu. But according to numerous crowd-sourced websites, the often-satirized McDonald’s secret menu is alive and real. Men’s Journal notes what’s odd about the secret menu isn’t what’s on it. “It’s rather what it does to people that’s most odd.” Even people who hate fast food love being in on the secret.

Thrillist ordered 10 items from the McDonald’s secret menu. A few to try? There’s the Big McChicken. “Get a Big Mac and three McChickens, and then get rid of all of the buns and never look back.” And the Chicken McGriddle. “Get a Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddle and a McChicken, and place in the chicken patty inside the McGriddle.” Or the Land, Sea, and Air Burger. “Ask for a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken. Then, put the McChicken and Filet-O-Fish patties inside of the Big Mac.” However, Thrillist warns, “Most of these items are pretty hard to eat (due to size and general taste).”

Need a healthier option? Try the All American Burger, which is just a regular hamburger without onions or mustard. Or go with the Grilled Cheese, which consists of a slice or two of cheese in a hamburger bun.

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