13 Super Simple Dishes You Can Cook Without a Recipe

Most people experience days where the very thought of reading a recipe, much less cooking it, is too exhausting. Or maybe there simply isn’t time thanks to an impromptu get-together. You don’t need a recipe or tons of time to make something delicious, though. You can pull off everything from an impressive party appetizer to an elegant dessert without so much as glancing at an ingredient list. These simple dishes prove, with one star ingredient, you really can cook without a recipe.


Frittata with bacon and cheese

Frittata with bacon and cheese | iStock.com

Smoked cheddar: Cheese of any kind is perfect for snacking, but smoked cheddar is even more delicious. Since eating cube after cube of the dairy isn’t exactly the best way to craft a meal, try cooking with it instead. Wendy Brewer, sales manager for Grafton Village Cheese Company, said their smoked cheddar is great for egg dishes. “It’s a great melting cheese, so I definitely recommend you cook with it. But you might add a little bit of regular cheddar with it, so the cheddar flavor pops, but it’s got that smokiness,” she said. Her choice? “Frittatas are great with this kind of cheese,” said Brewer.

Spicy sauerkraut: If you find yourself staring at the same breakfast morning after morning, a little sauerkraut can easily shake things up. Drew Anderson, co-founder of Cleveland Kraut, said a simple scramble is a great option. “What we like to do with the Gnarr Gnarr spicy sauerkraut is make some scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese. Just throw it [the sauerkraut] on the side, maybe with a little avocado,” he said.

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