13 Things That Hotel Guests Absolutely Hate

From the expectation of being pampered to the conveniences available, hotels should be oases; a home away from home. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, all guests should expect, at the very least, cleanliness and good service. Staying at a hotel should be an experience, not a chore. So what happens when your expectations fall short? Here are 13 resounding pet peeves from experienced travelers.

1. Poor customer service

hotel receptionist

Customer service is everything | Source: iStock

When you’re checking into the hotel that you’ve so carefully chosen, good customer service should be the least of your worries. A hotel guest should be greeted with a smile and treated as a paying customer, just as they are. Lost reservation? Room isn’t ready? These are just a couple things that are totally unacceptable to travelers like Mark from Ohio, who has traveled extensively while working as a National Geographic photographer.

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