Travel Alert: The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Caution tape in one of the most dangerous cities in the world

Caution tape in one of the most dangerous cities in the world | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Danger is everywhere. But in the United States, your odds of encountering a life-threatening situation on any given day is fairly small. That doesn’t change the fact that America is rife with dangerous cities, however. While cities like Baltimore and Chicago have seen their fair share of violence recently, Americans are generally safe. Outside America, though, violence and danger are much more commonplace.

That rings especially true for regions in South and Central America. There are a number of factors that have led to escalating danger in these areas, including the drug war and increases in cartel activity. Many people living in this part of the world also deal with crushing poverty. Economically, these are areas that have been struggling for decades, and as people struggle to get ahead, they often turn to crime and violence to make things work.

For these reasons, almost all of the world’s most dangerous cities are located in Latin America.

Mexican think tank The Citizens’ Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice analyzed data from across the world to develop a ranking system for danger. Using statistics including murder rates, the group looked at cities with populations of more than 300,000 and compiled a list of the 50 most dangerous cities worldwide.

On the following pages, we’ll highlight the top 10. If you plan to travel to or near these areas, remain aware that you may be in jeopardy. Keep a close eye on your belongings, and watch for suspicious behavior. Though you probably won’t run into trouble, trouble does have a way of finding us.

Here are the world’s 10 most dangerous cities.