7 Vacations That Won’t Break the Bank

When you’re eying your pocketbook with travel in mind, you have one of two choices: look into visiting a foreign country with a fantastic exchange rate and buy your plane ticket early, or stick close to home and save on airfare. Both are legitimate solutions to a fiscally limited but still eagerly awaited vacation. Here are a couple of suggestions for where (and how) to make limited funds last on your next break.


1. Thailand

The U.S. dollar to Thai baht is nearly at a 1-to-33 ratio, making American currency a particularly long-lasting and strong one to travel on in that region. What’s more, Thailand has a long list of beautiful and unique sources of entertainment that make the country more than a worthwhile visit. It’s home to elephant conservation parks, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok, as well as what’s known as the Golden Triangle, an area where Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand overlap.

The weather may be hot, but a cheap place on a beach near water (with hammocks) can be shockingly cheap, allowing you to do more and stay longer — plus, the culture and people are unlike anywhere else. The downside to Thailand is, of course, the plane ticket. The money you save once there will certainly help recoup the price, but even so, it is an international flight, and as such, can be a bit pricey. For any international flights, it’s always smart to choose the right airline and be careful in planning the right time to buy your ticket. It’s not an exact science but certainly one that’s at least somewhat predictable.