15 Worst Dog Breeds for Families With Small Children

Same sex female couple sitting with their son and dog

Thinking of getting a dog but have small children in the house? These are the breeds that you might want to think twice about. | iStock.com/DGLimages

Thinking of getting a dog? Chances are you’ve given at least some thought to the specific breed you want. Do you want one that’s a good running companion? How about a large dog that will be up for an adventurous lifestyle? Do you want a canine with a specific temperament? Or one that can get along with your whole family, including small children?

Many dogs are great with children. But others don’t adapt well to households with young kids. After all, little humans often show a natural aptitude for scaring and annoying dogs. They stare, move quickly, and often speak (or scream) in high-pitched voices. Most dogs think children are playmates and aren’t figures of authority in the same way adults are. In the interest of ensuring a safe, peaceful coexistence for everybody, you need to know which breeds to avoid when you head to the local humane society. Some breeds are better than others for families with small children.

Let’s be clear. Choosing the “right” breed — or avoiding the “wrong” breed — doesn’t let you off the hook in teaching your children how to safely and respectfully interact with a dog. That’s still an important part of bringing a dog into your household. But you can increase your odds of starting off on the right foot — or paw — by avoiding dog breeds that don’t often gracefully coexist with small children. An individual dog may be an exception. But the breeds ahead are typically more comfortable with adults or older children.

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