10 Noteworthy Books Being Released This Summer

Summer House with Swimming Pool, Herman Koch

When you picture your summer, it probably involves you spending warm days lying on a beach reading a good book. Fortunately, there is a great selection of new books coming out this summer, ensuring you’ll have a good beach read to enjoy. Whether you’re in the market for a touching memoir, a scary thriller or a quirky read about relationships, this list has you covered. Pack your beach bag, bring your sunscreen and don’t forget to check out (at least) one of these books. 

1. Summer House with Swimming Pool

Author Herman Koch, who also wrote The Dinner – set entirely at a meal between four terrible people — will release Summer House with Swimming Pool on June 3. This book, much like The Dinner, gives readers some honest insight into humanity. “A doctor who specializes in treating celebrities is forced to explain the death of a famous actor on his operating table less than a year after their families spent an eventful vacation together,” according to The Week. Dr. Marc Schlosser certainly isn’t upset that actor Ralph Meier is dead, but he can’t let people know that — his reputation is at stake.