10 Original Shows Premiering on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix This Summer

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There’s no doubt about it. Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are definitely changing the way people watch TV. The three media companies are continuing to make a push for original content, causing viewers to question their cable subscriptions. This summer is no exception. Whether it’s an original show headed into a second or third season or one that’s preparing for its big debut, one thing’s for sure – there will be no shortage of original content this summer. So cancel your summer plans, and prepare to spend a lot of time watching TV. Here’s what you can expect to see this summer.

Amazon Prime

While Amazon has several new shows that have been given the green light for production – The After, Bosch, Mozart in the Jungle and Transparent – those are all slated to launch in late 2014 or early 2015, per Variety. But, parents may be interested to know that Amazon is launching two new shows this summer that are directed toward kids.

1. Creative Galaxy

On June 27, Creative Galaxy, which comes from Blue’s Clues creator Angela Santomero, will focus on exploration, creative thinking, arts, crafts, music and dance, writes WebProNews. The show, aimed at preschool-aged children, involves little alien artists who travel to different, colorful planets to explore and discover.

2. Annedroids

This show, coming to you July 5, is geared toward four to seven year olds, and is a live-action series that features a young, female science genius named Anne, says WebProNews. Also starring kid assistants Nick and Shania, along with Anne’s android creations, the group performs experiments in Anne’s junkyard laboratory, per IMDb. Anne’s love for experimenting can often create unforeseen complications and misadventures.