10 Fantasy Places From Books That We Wish Were Real

Source: Thinkstock

When you read a book, you’re allowing the writer (if they are a good writer) to essentially take you by the hand and guide you into an alien realm rendered in words. The best works of literature create worlds that are vivid and believable in accordance with their own established rules. Here, we list some of the fictitious places in literature that we wish were real. Some are beautiful, some fun, some just whacky enough to intrigue us.

Navidson House, House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski

Danielewski’s mind-mingling postmodern novel is at once a physical workout, as the beast is over 700 pages long (and the typography is so important, thus the book just won’t do as a mass market paperback), and a mental marathon. But wouldn’t it be neat to find a door in your house that leads to a series of circuitous, logic-defying halls and rooms that reject physics? As long as you don’t mind getting lost for, oh, ever, it could be a pretty good time.