15 Popular TV Shows Not Returning in 2016

While the 2015-2016 TV season will bring the debut of several anticipated new series, it will also mark the end of some old favorites. Most networks having already revealed which of their titles have earned another season and which have been axed. Here are 15 popular shows that won’t be returning to the small screen this year:

1. Mad Men

Jon Hamm in Mad Men.

Jon Hamm in Mad Men. | Source: AMC

The 14-episode final season of AMC’s acclaimed and influential period drama was split in two 7-episode airings, labeled by the network as “Seven and Seven.” The first part of the season aired in spring 2014, and the second half of the Don Draper-drama-packed episodes aired a year later, in the spring of 2015. The final episode aired in mid-May, bringing the series’ highly lauded seven-season run to an official close.

2. Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation.

Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation. | Source: NBC

Last May, NBC officially announced that the much-beloved comedy starring Amy Poehler would be drawing to a close with its seventh season. Despite the show’s devoted cult following and its overwhelmingly positive reception from critics (with past nominations at both the Golden Globes and the Emmys), the series saw lackluster ratings, eventually leading the network to decide against renewing it. Though the show usually sees a fall launch, the network decided to hold the premiere episode of the final season until midseason. Season seven, which consisted of only 13 episodes, started in mid-January and aired its finale episode in mid-February.