12 TV Shows Likely to Get the Ax After This Season

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It’s not easy to avoid the chopping block when it comes to primetime television. Whether it’s a returning series or a new show, livelihood is purely a numbers game, and when the numbers go south, cancellation is not far behind. TV by the Numbers runs a series of articles outlining which shows from the major networks are trending downwards using what it calls the “Renew/Cancel Index” — a ratio that takes into account a show’s 18-49 age group ratings relative to the performance of other shows.

In general, a score less than 1 puts a show at considerable risk of cancellation, while a score greater than 1 puts a show in safer territory. Shows approaching 2 on the scale are more or less untouchable — pretty much assured for an early renewal. Shows trending around 0.5 are generally in big, big trouble as networks decide what to cancel. Using TV by the Numbers’ Renew/Cancel Index, here are the shows from each of the five major broadcast networks — ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, and The CW — that seem destined for the chopping block.

Marry Me, NBC

source: NBC

1. Marry Me

This romantic comedy that debuted in the fall is still on its last legs and won’t make it to Season 2, according to TV By the Numbers. It only has a Renew/Cancel Index of 0.67, which is on par with the other shows that NBC has already canceled. The show follows a couple who has finally gotten engaged after dating for six years, but are finding the path to wedded bliss filled with quirky obstacles. The show has gotten decent reviews, with a 60 Metascore on review aggregator Metacritic, but this past season was rough on romantic comedies and it seems that this show isn’t going to evade cancellation much longer. Looks like Jake and Annie won’t end up tying the knot after all.