15 TV Shows for Men Likely to Get the Ax After This Season

It’s not easy for any TV show – whether new or returning – to avoid the ax. Some start out strong and end up losing viewers over time, while others just can’t make it work in their freshman season. Plus, as audiences know all too well, cancellations aren’t always predictable. While some series seem pretty much destined for the chopping block (Weird Loners), others don’t go out quite as easily (Forever).

This season has already seen more than its fair shares of axed shows, with everything from sitcoms to crime procedurals to fantasy dramas getting pulled from the lineups of all five major networks. Here’s a look at 15 guy-friendly shows who will count the 2014-2015 TV season as their last.

1. Backstrom

Backstrom - Rainn Wilson, FOX

source: Fox

The Fox comedy stars Rainn Wilson as a self-destructive detective for the Portland Serious Crimes Unit. Similarly to House, Backstrom is a miserable character who can barely function in his own day-to-day life but is a brilliant crime-solver. The freshman series earned a poor response upon its debut, with reviewers criticizing the badly written script. After garnering low 35% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the show was officially canceled in May. The last episode of its first and final season aired in April.