The 7 Biggest Video Games Still Coming in 2016

With all of the video game announcements that happen sporadically throughout the years, it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the games heading our way. That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve gathered trailers and descriptions of all the biggest video games of 2016. So start saving up your money, because enough great-looking games are launching in the next few months to wring your bank account dry.

1. Pokémon Sun and Moon

Release date: November 18, 2016
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

The Pokémon series has been going strong since the ’90s, with annual releases in recent years. Nintendo decided to skip 2015, which was probably a good idea, giving fans a break from core installments of the series and creating an itch that will be scratched in 2016 with Pokémon Sun and Moon. We don’t know much about the games so far, but you can expect to go on an epic adventure, collecting new and familiar creatures and training them to fight against others.

2. Final Fantasy XV

Release date: November 29, 2016
Platform: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

If it seems like we’ve been waiting forever for this game to come out, you’re right. It was first announced in 2006 under the title Final Fantasy XIII Versus. It’s undergone tons of changes since then, to the point where it hardly even looks like the Final Fantasy games we know and love. Whether the changes will work or not remains to be seen, but it’s hard to find another game launching in 2016 with more hype.

3. The Last Guardian

Release date: December 6, 2016
Platforms: PlayStation 4

One of the most anticipated video games of 2016 is Team Ico’s The Last Guardian, which was first announced in 2009. So it’s a relief that it’s finally about to come out. The game is looks like a cross between Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which ought to be a good thing if we can judge it based by the quality of those two games.

In The Last Guardian, you play as a child leading around a giant bird-dog hybrid creature. The scenery looks stunning, and the little bit of gameplay we’ve seen suggests it’ll be an engaging adventure that almost anyone can get into.

4. Dead Rising 4

Release date: December 6, 2016
Platforms: Xbox One and Windows 10

If enjoy slaughtering hordes of zombies with any old weapon you can get your hands on, Dead Rising 4 will be your kind of action game. Just check out the trailer above to see the kinds of ridiculous weapons you can use, including — but not limited to — a triceratops mask that breathes fire, an electrified go-cart, and a crossbow that shoots candy canes. The game will start out as a Microsoft exclusive, but Capcom will eventually bring it to the PS4.

5. Super Mario Maker 3DS

Release date: December 2, 2016
Platform: Nintendo 3DS

At long last, one of the best Wii U games is going portable. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. Not only does it come with 100 Nintendo-made levels for you to enjoy and use for inspiration, but it also lets you play a hand-picked selection of player-made levels, many of which are sure to be incredibly fun.

These levels offer a much wider variety of designs than you’d get from a standard Nintendo game, including homages to other video games, along with insanely challenging levels. When you’ve had your fill of playing, you can spend untold hours crafting your own levels and sharing them with friends.

6. Steep

Release date: December 2016
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Extreme sports is the name of the game in Steep, an open-world game that puts you at the top of the Alps and has you ski, snowboard, wing-suit, or paraglide your way down. You can play it solo or with a friend, but whatever you do, make sure you watch out for trees and steep cliffs.

7. Super Mario Run

Release date: December 15 2016
Platform: iOS
This game is a big deal for the big N because it represents the company’s first major game on non-Nintendo hardware in many years. It’s an auto-runner, which means Mario runs forward automatically, leaving players to tap the screen to jump. That may sound simplistic, but one look at the similar platformer Rayman Jungle Run proves there’s plenty of room for creativity within those confines. I don’t doubt the game will be very fun to play, but I do worry it could ruin the Nintendo we love. Regardless, this game will definitely be worth a look for anyone antsy to get their hands on a Nintendo Switch in March.

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