2017 Grammy Awards: 10 Worst Nominations

The trophy of the Grammy Awards

A Grammy Award | Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images)

All major awards shows are flawed to the extent that they attempt to make objective choices about something as subjective as art. The Grammys are perhaps the best (or worst) example of this, as year after year the much-discussed awards show fails to satisfyingly encapsulate and reward the¬†best music released the previous year. Despite the millions of unique albums released each year, the Grammys highlight only a select few, aiming to please everyone and thus satisfying no one. Of course there is no objective “best” song or album, as that depends entirely on who you ask, so often the awards simply go to whoever is most popular.

This year was no exception, as even the nominee list will show. Let’s look at some of their most egregious choices this time around.

1. Record of the Year: “Work” by Rihanna feat. Drake

Rihanna has a knack for alternating between good pop songs and irritating ones, and for me, “Work” falls squarely into the latter category. The music and the vocal melody never really evolve throughout the song’s three minutes, leaving listeners with nothing to grasp onto other than Rihanna’s¬†mushmouthed vocal performance.