4 Reasons People Are Tired of Watching ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who

Doctor Who | BBC

Doctor Who has been a fixture in science fiction for the better part of the last 50 plus years. It began as a joyful, campy display of some of the most laughably terrible special effects television had to offer. Since then, its status as British cultural icon has led to bigger budgets, scores of fans, and worldwide recognition.

Its rebirth began back in 2005, when Russell T. Davies brought the show back after a nine year layoff. Christopher Eccelston was the face of the first new-look Doctor, followed by David Tennant a year later, Matt Smith after him, and most recently Peter Capaldi.

Steven Moffat took over for Davies not too far into the new run, and so the modern Doctor Who continued to evolve. Lately though, things have started to fall flat. Even the most die-hard of fans found themselves losing interest late into Matt Smith’s role on the show, something only exacerbated when Peter Capaldi took over full-time.

So what exactly has befallen the once-great sci-fi epic?