5 Crazy Movies That Almost Got Made

Idea Lightbulb

It’s sometimes easy to point out a lack of creativity on Hollywood’s part when it comes to the movies that usually get produced — especially given the the current climate, in which studios are increasingly relying on huge tentpole films to pay off on massive financial gambles. But even if Hollywood plays it safe now more than ever, that doesn’t mean studios don’t pursue wacky ideas from time time, even if they don’t ultimately go anywhere.

If you look into the history of Hollywood films that weren’t produced, there’s no shortage of strange and fascinating films that almost made it to production before being shut down for one reason or another. Many films have seen years of director changes and rewrites before ultimately falling through the cracks. Only the lucky few finally make it to the big screen, leaving behind a number of “what ifs” in their wake. And some of the best films never made are also among the strangest.

Here are five of the craziest films that Hollywood almost made.