Best Foreign Films: 5 French Movies That Are Worth Watching

Source: Club d'Investissement Média

Source: Club d’Investissement Média

These French films will have you smoking, drinking wine before 5 p.m., going topless (and bottomless), all while eating a baguette with brie, and failing to wear deodorant. Did I miss any annoyingly stereotypical references? In all seriousness though, French cinema is distinct from all others; it’s sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes explicitly honest and gritty, and sometimes just explicit, but all in all, it’s a film pantry that must be raided.

A few directors especially come to mind when one thinks of France’s film industry and the magical movies it’s given us. Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are two of the more modern masters worth looking into, but it’s unquestionable that looking further back unearths a whole collection of cinematic jewels.

From Mic Macs and Jules and Jim to 400 Blows, this list could go on and on, but some of us understandably have only a few hours to invest toward being cultured tonight, so let’s just get started with a few options.