5 Hollywood Rumors: ‘Captain America 3,′ ‘Doctor Strange’ and More

Here’s a look at the rumors that were buzzing in the entertainment world last week.

Source: Marvel

1. Captain America 3 Could Be More Epic Than The Avengers: Age of Ultron

According to an exclusive report from CinemaBlend, the directors behind Captain America have some big aspirations for the third installment in the Marvel series. The third film is planned to hit theaters in May 2016, and in addition to Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, the Russo brothers have their eye on some even bigger characters from the Marvel universe.

Joe Russo told the publication that he’d be interested in getting Marvel characters under contract at another studio for a “Black Widow-sized” role in the third movie and cited the comic The Secret Wars as a big influence on his love of comics. The Secret Wars involves pretty much every Marvel character as they are transported to a distant planet for a giant battle of heroes versus villains. The idea of Captain America 3 taking from the plot of The Secret Wars is an exciting prospect for comic fans, but the scope will depend on whether Marvel can get its hands on any characters it doesn’t own (like Sony’s Spider-Man).