5 Monstrous Ideas for the ‘Godzilla’ Sequel No One Wants

Source: Toho

Gareth Edwards’ reboot of Godzilla pulled in over $93 million its opening weekend, good enough to get the gears turning on the recently confirmed sequel. What remains to be seen is just what, exactly, the sequel will be about. Edwards’ film is more concerned with suspense and awe than character development, so there aren’t really any characters worth following around for a second film. But Toho’s Godzilla series wasn’t concerned with characters, either; the big guy changed appearance often enough, going from a 25-meter monster in 1954 to a 100-meter behemoth in 2014, an agile lizard thing in 1998, to a fire breathing creature with glowing crystals on his back in the early 2000s. 

So, where can they take Godzilla now? There’s no word on which actors will return, if any, and whether Gareth Edwards will helm the sequel or be involved in any capacity. We really know next to nothing, and it’s pointless to argue why they shouldn’t make the sequel, since producers don’t care what people think anyway. They just want your money, which you will gladly hand them anyway. So here are five ideas of where we’d like to see the new Godzilla film go, and what we’d like to see him do.

Monster Island

Edwards said, a whole year before the reboot came out, that he had an idea for a sequel set on a monster island, perhaps the Monster Island from the Toho films. Since they can’t hide Godzilla for an entire hour before bringing him to the foreground again (Edwards has said that once you show the audience a huge spectacle, you can’t unshow it and you can’t top it.) So why not just go all-out and throw a monster mash?

Gigan, the weird looking monster with one long eye and hooks for hands (how does he eat cereal?), is a cool idea that didn’t get a very good treatment. Gigan is short size-wise, so they’d have to beef him up to stand claw-to-claw with Godzilla. His belly spikes and webbed back fin give him the sharp, sinister feel of a Spielbergian monster and the impractical look of a Roger Corman monster.