5 New Shows to Watch on Fox This Fall

Here’s a look at the new shows premiering on Fox this fall.

Gotham, Fox

source: Fox


Gotham takes advantage of the comic book craze and looks at Batman’s life from a different angle than has been done before, telling the story of the city of Gotham from the perspective of Commissioner Gordon (The O.C.’s Ben McKenzie). Anyone familiar with the Batman comics or films knows Gordon as the police officer dedicated to the seemingly impossible task of cleaning up the streets of Gotham. The series looks at the life of a young Gordon, during the time he spent as a rookie officer investigating the murders of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The show also includes the characters that will later become Gotham’s most notorious villains, presented in a new light. The series is likely to please the many fans of the nocturnal vigilante and the other, less flashy, hero in the story, Commissioner Gordon. The debut episode airs on September 22.