7 of the Worst Boss Fights in Video Game History

Video game bosses can be glorious, memorable experiences, or they can be so annoying or difficult they make you want to crack your controller in half and give up on video games altogether — some might even be too hard for casual gamers. Most, of course, are somewhere in between.

Not these bosses. The bosses below are some of the worst creations ever dreamed up by a video game developer. If you’ve fought them, you probably remember, and you probably wish you didn’t have to go through the awful experience. These bosses are the worst.

1. Bed of Chaos, Dark Souls

Most bosses in Dark Souls are horrifying creatures straight out of your worst nightmares. But if you go up against them enough times, you’ll discover their patterns and learn how to defeat them. Bed of Chaos is a plant-like creature that sounds easy enough to defeat in theory –– you have to sneak around and whack him only three times before he dies. But hearing how to beat him and beating him, well, those are two very different things.

That’s because Bed of Chaos continually hammers at you with his long limbs and makes giant chasms in the floor right where you need to walk. And let’s face it, the game’s not exactly Mario with tight platforming controls. It’s loose and baggy. when you jump, you only have the slightest idea of where you’ll land. Bed of Chaos is no fun at all.