5 Outer Space Comedies to Watch if You Liked ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest blockbuster film to expand the highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, raked in the dough at the box office. According to the latest estimates from Box Office Mojo, Guardians of the Galaxy has already achieved a total worldwide gross of around $490.7 million, and some entertainment industry watchers are already predicting that the movie will be the highest-grossing movie of the season.

While Guardians of the Galaxy features plenty of action and even some drama, the film may be best described as a science-fiction comedy. In honor of the unexpected success of Guardians of the Galaxy, we thought this would be an opportune time to highlight some of the greatest science-fiction comedy movies that have been made. Since much of the action in Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in outer space, we are limiting this list of sci-fi comedy films to the ones that use outer space as their primary setting or feature space travel prominently in their plots.

While the films selected for this list were chosen on the basis of personal taste, the movies are ordered according to their box office grosses, from smallest to largest. With that in mind, here are five other outer space comedies you may want to check out if you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.