7 Video Games That Will Move You to Tears

You might describe a typical video game as being “intense” or “challenging,” but you probably wouldn’t call it “emotionally devastating.” Most games simply don’t try to pull on your heartstrings. But if you’re looking for a good cry, a handful of games do come packing an emotional punch. Here are a few of them.

1. The Last of Us

You can find a million games that take place in a monster-infested post apocalypse. But you won’t find many that come with a story as memorable and gut-wrenching as The Last of Us.

A big reason The Last of Us is so affecting is the acting. The game stars Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who deserve tons of credit for their voice work and motion capture performances. By the end of the 16-hour game, you’ll feel like you’ve been through the ringer right along with them, fighting tooth and nail for survival. Whether you agree with the decision at the end or not, it’s so cathartic and emotional that no one would blame you for shedding a few manly tears.