7 Greatest Missing Persons Mystery Movies of All Time

Some of the greatest movies ever made have featured  stories that revolve around the search for a missing person. Here are seven of the most critically acclaimed films with stories about missing people. While the films’ rankings are primarily based on aggregate ratings from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, films with identical approval ratings are secondarily ordered according to box office receipts.

7. Frantic (1988)

This Roman Polanski-directed thriller stars Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Walker, an American whose wife goes missing while they are visiting Paris. After failing to get much help from the local police and the U.S. embassy, Walker embarks on his own search for his wife and discovers that her disappearance is related to the mysterious contents of a suitcase that she accidentally took from the airport. Betty Buckley plays the wife who mysteriously disappears, while Emmanuelle Seigner plays a courier who helps Walker with his search.

While Frantic was considered a commercial failure when it was originally released, it garnered positive reviews from the critics, including Roger Ebert, who noted that “even with its excesses, ‘Frantic’ is a reminder of how absorbing a good thriller can be.” Frantic currently has a 78 percent “Certified Fresh” rating from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes.