7 Great Romantic Comedies You Can Watch on Netflix

If you’re looking to settle down at home and watch a great romantic comedy on Netflix, you might be surprised to find that the genre is somewhat lacking on the streaming platform. Furthermore, Netflix’s frequently strong genre classification system seems to falter a bit when it comes to romantic comedy, placing films in the category that would often appear more commonly in drama or pure romance. That being said, Netflix does have some great romantic comedies available, even if takes a little more time than usual to find them. To get you started, here are seven great romantic comedies available on Netflix streaming.

1. Roman Holiday (1953)

Often referred to as a film that set the standard for the modern romantic comedy, Roman Holiday tells the story of Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) who rejects her diplomatic duties while in Rome in order to experience the city. But when she meets Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), an American journalist acting as if he doesn’t know who she is, she quickly falls in love despite his ulterior motives.

Roman Holiday, released in 1953, was the coming-out-party for Hepburn who subsequently signed a seven-picture deal with Paramount Pictures and became one of the most beloved actresses in film history. The role of Princess Ann in Roman Holiday was originally written for Elizabeth Taylor before Hepburn won the role with a screen test in which the filmmakers were reportedly blown away by her ability to immediately move in and out of character when “cut” was called. For fans of classic romantic comedies and Hepburn, Roman Holiday is essential viewing.