7 Movie Murders That You Will Never Forget


Source: Shamley Productions

Murder, the cessation of a life, can make for the ultimate storytelling tool; whether carved into a story in a bloody splash or the catalyst to a multitude of other events, murder is found in some of the greatest of stories. What do Game of Thrones and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have in common?

That’s right — they both have strong female leads. Oh, right, and practically everyone dies. You start to lose count after a while. Murder in film can be messy, cheesy, heartbreaking, classy, and it can even be — for lack of a better word — funny.

Sometimes we cry when a character is erased by way of the writer’s pen, and sometimes a death on screen can be unnervingly satisfying and cathartic — despite what morality and real life logic might say. So which movies did it best? Which films slay, kill, murder, and massacre in the most effective, horrifying, or heartbreaking way? Let’s take a look.