7 Martin Scorsese Films That Made Him a Legend

At age 72 and with nearly 50 years under his belt as a feature film director and 23 narrative films to his name, Martin Scorsese is not only one of the most experienced filmmakers in the industry, he’s one of the most respected. While all of Scorsese’s movies are worth watching at least once, some of  his films are undisputed classics. Here are Martin Scorsese’s seven best films in what has been a robust and consistent career as a director.

7. The King of Comedy (1983)

The King of Comedy

Source: Embassy International Pictures

Somewhat misunderstood upon release in 1983, Scorsese’s dark-comedy The King of Comedy has risen in status over the years in large part due to its content that predicted celebrity worship and the American media culture. Starring Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis, The King of Comedy tells the story of aspiring comedian Rupert Pupkin (De Niro), who goes to increasingly bizarre and outlandish lengths to be as famous as his idol Jerry Langford (Lewis).

Vincent Canby of the New York Times wrote in 1983, “It’s very funny, and it ends on a high note that was, for me, both a total surprise and completely satisfying. Yet it’s also bristly, sometimes manic to the edge of lunacy and, along the way, terrifying.” Roger Ebert had mixed feelings about the film when he first saw it in 1983, writing, “It is frustrating to watch, unpleasant to remember, and, in its own way, quite effective.”