7 Video Games Where Players Talk a Ton of Trash

GTA V, video games

Teabagging in GTA V | Source: Rockstar

Ah, the infamous “teabag,” one of many staples of gaming trash talk. Though a virtual crotch-to-face might not fluster the most hardened veterans of online competition, there are plenty of other proven methods of antagonism that have populated games both old and new. In this list we’ll explore some of the most iconic games known for their culture of trash talk and trolling. And if you’re one of the poor souls often on the business end of the proverbial gun, our article on FPS tactics might help you out, noob.

[Note: Some of the videos may contain explicit trash talking. View at your own discretion.]

1. Halo 2

One of the pioneering trash talking experiences for screeching children, awkward teens, and agitated adults alike, Halo 2′s fundamental place in the early days of Xbox Live allowed the sci-fi epic to dominate the realm of online shooters for years. With that sort of monopoly on console gamers’ interest in shooters, Halo 2 gathered millions of players all onto one game, resulting in every strategy, vantage point, play style, and weapon choice being hotly debated.

Whether it was for a tournament cash prize or just an upgrade to your rank online, Halo 2 matches almost always provided a tense pre-match atmosphere fueled by an aggressive play-to-win mood. Not only that, even when a game started and you were seemingly locked in communication with only your team, the game’s proxy voice function made sure that the trash talk continued when within range of your enemies. Players could even create auditory sabotage in enemy bases by playing loud music or obnoxious sound effects, making concentrating on defense extremely difficult while being berated by someone growling into the mic like a rabid dog.